Heavy duty 60mm car air compressor 12V tire inflator

Heavy duty car air compressor 12V  

60mm cylinder                


Max pressure:150PSI                 

 Rated current: 45A                   

 Air flow :160L/min                      

2M cord with battery clips            

7M PA Hose  ,3nozzle adaptors 


Inflation time: normal single tire 2-3 minutes by car you can reach the normal air pressure, 4 tires easily get 10 minute, single 15-20 minutes of continuous use, large tires fill the gas can also be used.


Instructions for use:

1, remove the product from the bag, pump nozzle alignment tire filling valve, nozzle tighten in a clockwise direction.

2, insert the 12V cigarette lighter plug in the car cigarette lighter.

3, switch to the "ON" position and get to work. Inflatable watch barometer pressure, the tire will be under pressure to switch to the "OFF" position.

4, in a counterclockwise direction will air pump nozzle, loosen, pull the cigarette plug in from the cigarette.

5, around the wire and rubber pipe well into fixed slots.

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